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Carmen Naranjo

Attorney At Law – Immigration Attorney

About Carmen &
her professional career.

Carmen Naranjo is an active member of the California Bar Association since 1997. She has a background in international business and a deep commitment to helping Immigrants realize their goals. With a firm belief in the United States’ history and tradition of welcoming immigrants, she believes in personalized service, focused on the specific needs of companies, employees and individuals.

Ms. Naranjo is an active volunteer and contributor in a variety of Immigration Events. She has spoken on immigration issues in a diversity of meetings, including the League of Women Voters, churches, unions and schools across the Bay Area. In addition, she has been a speaker in Bay Area radio programs, and made presentations to Small Businesses and Professional Associations, where she discusses immigrant and nonimmigrant options, rights and current issues. Carmen has also spoken at Entrepreneurship events, guiding new businesses, and providing insights regarding the challenges of legally working in the U.S, after incorporating a business. With this in mind, she finds unique solutions for a variety of entrepreneurs and multinational companies.

Ms. Naranjo is a native of Spain. She is fluent in Spanish and French. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Management from Cornell University. Ms. Naranjo graduated from Golden Gate School of Law and was admitted to the California Bar in 1997. Her clients are varied in nationality and background. She has assisted corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, an organization established to promote fair and reasonable immigration policies as well as enhance the professional development of its members. Ms. Naranjo is also a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and fights for individual clients, to preserve their rights and liberties under the U.S. Constitution.

The Law Offices of Carmen Naranjo works in the following types of immigration cases:

01. Research Employment-based petitions

Some immigration alternatives are based on employment in the United States. There are some temporary and permanent petitions that can be filed.

Ms. Naranjo has assisted organizations and their employees to obtain temporary and permanent visas. She firmly believes in a detail analysis of a given employer and employee’s needs to find the best solution to the challenges that the current immigration law presents in this context.

02. Family-based petitions

Qualifying relatives of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents can seek visas, based on their family ties. Ms. Naranjo has represented clients in family-based petitions before the District Offices and Immigration Courts in the United States. In addition she has experience in dealing with the consular process required for family members residing abroad.

03. Other services.

There are additional immigration alternatives for a variety of individuals who are given benefits in this country based on the conditions of their country of origin (Asylum and TPS) or on personal circumstances that entitle them to special treatment under the Immigration Laws (domestic violence and victims of other crimes). Ms. Naranjo has represented these clients in filing and renewing their applications based on their specific circumstances.


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